Commit d6ad6899 authored by Christoffer Flensburg's avatar Christoffer Flensburg

Added note on version conflicts

parent 1b190436
......@@ -38,3 +38,6 @@ source('compareMethods.R')
# Expected output
The script takes about 5 minutes to run, and should produce the plots and supplementary plots in a new directory. It should match the already present expectedPlots directory.
# A note on version dependencies
SuperFreq version 1.3.2 is tested and works on R v.3.6.0 and samtools 1.9. There is a known conflict between superFreq 1.3.2 and earlier with samtools 1.10+, due to change in column order of samtools mpileup. This will be addressed in upcoming superFreq 1.4.0, that will also be compatible with R 4.0.0 and corresponding bioconductor release.
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